Business Introduction

Security industry area

We guarantee the safety of security industry through technology.

IP Camera Module

We quickly analyze and monitor the security problems in the smart security industry era! And respond quickly.

We provide the products that can respond in real time by automatically analyzing the image patterns.

IP Camera System

Information is security. Be relieved! 24-hour best security system solution.

We provide 24-hour information security monitoring and differentiated security service system solution.

IP Camera Chip

There should be suitable security products and solutions. Plyworks Co. Ltd. will provide them to you.

The best security can be realized through customized one. We promise to provide a thorough security service products and solutions by using the best capacity that only Plyworks Co. Ltd. has.


It is possible to know the level of security products when we look at the security products of security solution.

Plyworks Co. Ltd. provides the highest-level products and solutions of security system so that everyone could be safe even if they are responsible for the security of one place.

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